About us

We are a startup company, based in the Netherlands. Our focus is on at-home fitness and health technology.

The home fitness market is booming amid the global pandemic. People are opting to invest in smart fitness devices to exercise in the comfort and safety of their homes.

Focusing on this demand, we are currently developing an at-home smart fitness loT device for the best at-home fitness experience, that will make physical activity fun, effective and safe for users.


Morla Team

Ozlem Mertoglu

Founder - CEO

Selin Sivrioglu

Founder - CMO

Hakan Mertoglu

Founder - COO

Alp Capanoglu

Co-Founder - CTO

Aksel Hakim Zakuto

Co-Founder - CIO

Onur Ozdemir

UI/UX Designer

Ralfi Bahar

Front-End Developer

Gökcan Karakuş

Deep Learning Engineer

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