Yoga Practice

As Morla Moves, we care about the wellbeing, vitality and longevity of our senior family members and we know the importance of physical activity and human connection for their quality of life. With this passion in our hearts we developed an at home fitness edge device that will make physical activity easier, fun and safer for senior users; thanks to Artificial Intelligence, real time pose estimation during exercising and a personal virtual coach. 

The Problem We Recognized

Lack of physical activity leads to many chronic diseases, especially in the age group of 65+. Regular movement and activity improves their quality of life and adds many more healthy years to their lives.

But fitness applications are mostly complex for this age group and don’t feel safe to use. According to research by Statista, from 2017 only 12% of 61+ people are using fitness apps, but 48% of them would imagine themselves using them. Obviously, there is a problem! This statistic caught our attention and was the starting point of Morla Moves.

There are more than 320,000 fitness apps on the market but only a few are used by the 65+ group. Which in return causes concerns to their caregivers. But their caregivers who mostly belong to Gene X, are the busiest cohort of them all, with also millennials to take care of. Little time is left to motivate and support the 65+ loved ones to do more physical activity. 

The Solution we Found

In cooperation with specialists such as physical therapists, geriatric psychiatrists and trainers specialised in senior movement we developed a home device that will motivate the elderly to do regular physical activity. A device that is easy to use for this age group. Feels safe through pose correction and health tracking. Works with 90% accuracy to get the optimum benefit of the exercise. Gives the closest experience to a personal trainer through audio communication. Connects this group to their family and friends with the ability to send messages to a device via the Morla app or even connect with other Morla devices to exercise together in real time. The ability for the  caregivers to follow, control and motivate their elderly parents on their daily activity for peace of mind.   


Real-time pose estimation during exercise for accuracy and optimum benefit, Live stream of movement on TV through the Morla device, for the user to see her/himself and to make pose estimation easier to follow and correct for the user.

Health scan before, after and during exercise for progress tracking, Possibility to connect with other Morla Moves devices and train with caregivers/family members/friends for socializing and for more fun, Audio communication with the virtual movement coach,

Possibility for a caregiver to track daily activity and progress, control the device through the Morla app for peace of mind.